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More options and flexibility than a bank mortgage

A variety of mortgage plans at no additional expense

16 years in the mortgage lending industry

Impressive results and professional expertise


angie Wilton works closely with wholesale mortgage lenders to provide her customers with a wide selection of mortgages. As a mortgage broker Angie originates loans while the mortgage lender actually funds the loans. Banks normally offer only a small number of loan options to their customers. Angie on the other hand, deals with a vast number of mortgage lenders. This increases the variety of loans that can be offered to her customers. This also enables Angie to find the ideal loan for her customers' needs..

Angie has 16 years experience in the mortgage and banking industry and has a superior skill set in lending, financial consulting and personal mortgages. Angie is knowledgeable about the entire loan process and is able to use her superior knowledge to help her customers secure the best loan to fit their needs. She works with her clients to find out as much as possible about their needs and then looks at all of the available mortgage programs.

For many of us, the purchase of our first home is one of the largest financial commitments we will ever make. This makes finding the right home loan just as important as finding the right home.

This is where Assurance Mortgage Group can help, particularly when the banks and non-bank lenders are very different in their approach to lending. By working with any and all of Canada’s banks and lenders, Assurance Mortgage Group is able to match the right home loan to your needs and save you the time and hassle of shopping around.

Our goal is to eliminate any guesswork on your part and to help you sort through the maze of home loan products available. Assurance Mortgage Group will also take the time to help you understand the different interest rates, fees and charges, and terms and conditions available. We will explain the features of the different loans and why they may be suited to your individual requirements. If you have a preference for a loan that offers certain features, then Assurance Mortgage Group will identify which lenders and which products will meet these needs.

Customer Testimonials

We can not say enough wonderful things about Angie! She went over and above what we would have ever dreamt or expected! Angie was an amazing advocate for us as we were getting a mortgage. She brought us many mortgage options, provided us with straight answers for questions no one else would answer, gave us important information about moving and provided the necessary time so that we felt comfortable with buying and selling our homes. She also made sure that our mortgage rates were correct, and that our notary was doing her job correctly. Angie was the calm in the storm of our home selling and purchase! I highly recommend Angie as a mortgage broker! 
Heather and Cameron Boyes 

On Behalf of my fiancée and me, I would like to tell you that your firm is incomparable; all thanks to one employee of yours, Angela Wilton. Since all of this mortgage stuff was new to us, Angela was so kind and informative. She was willing to answer any and all questions we had at any and all times. Angela was also very helpful in easing any concerns, and of course the "house buying anxiety" that we had. Angela is an extremely hard working women and her voice was comforting and reassuring in the most stressful situations. We felt that we could trust her without even meeting her in person. Angela has a wonderful sense of humour and we could tell that she has passion for her's as though we could see her smile through the phone. We would truly recommend Angela’s services to anyone and everyone including friends and family. We would like to commend Angela for excellent work and both my fiancé and I could not be happier with the service we received from her. Thanks A Million are awesome!
Jason and Amie Sapieha

"Angie has been terrific - thorough, professional, knowledgeable and extremely kind and friendly throughout. Arranging our mortgage couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. Thanks for all the hard work!"
Caroline and Marcin Chady

"The service we received from Angela Wilton far surpassed our expectations! She assured us that she could provide the mortgage arrangements that we desired, and she did. We were able to contact her whenever we had a question. Her honest and continuous communication throughout our business relationship reinforced that our decision to go with Angela Wilton was the best decision that we made."
Tyler and Michelle Brost

"Angie's business card should read 'Mortgage Broker Extraordinnaire'. Not only did she negotiate a great home mortgage for me, but she went above and beyond helping me find movers and supplying me with a list of moving 'to-do's'. On my behalf she even followed up on an error committed by my lawyer at closing, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. I have not hesitated to recommend Angie to my friends and business associates because I know that she will do an outstanding job and provide great service. Other brokers don't even compare!"
Leslie Matheson